Rather than the work being informed by the notion of a reliquary as a static, unchanging sacred resting place (or for that matter of a museum as a static repository of art and artifacts), as a multi-media performance, Reliquary of Labor will reveal itself in dynamic performance space and time.

The boundaries of the container create an enclosure within which the artists will both create and perform the piece in a public setting: beginning with preliminary sketches (analogous to planning and generation of architectural blueprints) through premiere performance and beyond (analogous to grand opening and ongoing public usage).

In an effort to explode the mythology of mystery and the illusion of the carefully crafted perfection of the moment in traditional performance practice - as if buildings or works of art and music simply drop from the sky in completed form - it will expose the initial generative impulses of the artists, the individual and collaborative efforts toward creation, successes, failures, reflections, adjustments and refinement of materials and approach over time. Simply stated, this will allow both the creation and performance of Reliquary to become a transparent and unified process, removing the veil of mystery that usually surrounds such works.

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