reliquary of labor 84
Residency Day 3
Collage of a bit of today's rehearsal activities...
reliquary of labor 83
Residency Day 2
This is just a short bit of raw rehearsal from today's work at the NBMAA. Levels aren't great etc. - but that's not what this is about...
reliquary of labor 82
Residency Begins: from noise to silence
We loaded into the NBMAA today and began the long, arduous and rather complicated process of setting up the various systems we will be using for Sunday's performance. As a parallel process to this, today's podcast is a process piece that moves from the
reliquary of labor 81
Soundwalk 09
This final soundwalk in the new NBMAA basement includes a variety of both subtle and obvious changes in ambience as well as a fair amount of talking - mostly unintelligible. It acts as a kind of soundwalk review, passing through many of the rooms and other areas of the basement that
reliquary of labor 80
Like a word repeated over and over again, with each repetition the sound and meaning and rhythm seems to change...
reliquary of labor 79
Like a word repeated over and over again, with each repetition the sound and meaning and rhythm seems to change...
reliquary of labor 78
Like a word repeated over and over again, with each repetition the sound and meaning and rhythm seems to change...
reliquary of labor 77
A short site source that focuses on the room resonance of the building while under construction.
reliquary of labor 76
Window Schedule
Video in silence...
reliquary of labor 75
Soundwalk 08
Another soundwalk through various parts of the new NBMAA building under construction. My favorite part in this one, toward the end - was following my ears to a sound that turned out to be a little pressure gauge on one of the machines in the basement that was vibrating away - a
reliquary of labor 74
knocks & voices
If you’ve examined the reliquary of labor website or podcast, you should know that we encourage our visitors and podcast followers to participate in this project by creating other pieces or remixes from these sound, noise, music, photo and video pieces and submitting them to us
reliquary of labor 73
Today’s episode is a direct link to the podcast link discussed yesterday. Click below and listen...
reliquary of labor 72
Today’s episode is actually a link to another podcast. Back on October 7th, Steen had the opportunity to catch up with Philip Blackburn of the American Composers Forum at The Hotel Chelsea in NYC for this interview. It is included in his Measure for Measure podcast series. Follow the
reliquary of labor 71
This video from Lief was composed/compiled from various soundfiles and videos from the reliquary of labor podcast series. It was composed entire in MAX/MSP Jitter and uses as its structural premise the delay line feedback loop, both audio and video, as a primary generative element.
reliquary of labor 70
Silhouettes Video
Some beautiful shadow images of ceilings being painted. The images are overlayed in a kind of multi-part shadow canon - in silence...
reliquary of labor 69
There are a rich variety of percussive site sound sources here. If you listen carefully you'll also hear the sound of arc welders and their generator as well as crane sounds (not birds).
reliquary of labor 68
Tapping Some More
During the welding phase of the framing of the new NBMAA building this tapping sound was nearly omnipresent. It has found its way into much of the composed score for the premiere performance on Nov. 26. Here is another site sound source of tapping.
reliquary of labor 67
Another submitted video
This is another video submitted by Lief Ellis. It utilizes a variety of materials from the reliquary website and podcast including: photo and soundwalk. It was constructed and processed in MAX/MSP Jitter.
reliquary of labor 66
 A Few Processed Sound Sources
reliquary of labor 65
Soundwalk 07: further adventures in the basement
The most interesting element in this soundwalk is the juxtaposition of the sounds of the HVAC system and the electrical room punctuated by voices and construction noises.
reliquary of labor 64
Logo Filter 01
This is a site sound source filtered by the modified logo image to the left. I imagine the result to be what a creature living underneath the construction site would have heard as it burrowed upward, poking its head out of the ground to see/hear what was going on, and then
reliquary of labor 63
Tapers Acoustics
This is a site sound source that has been filtered in MetaSynth through the use of a modified form of the 'tapers acoustics' photo used on this page. And the silent bit in the middle? It is meant to be there - its the black vertical bar in the middle right of the filter picture
reliquary of labor 62
A brief variety of manipulated tamping sounds overlaid, rhythmicized and mixed.
reliquary of labor 61
Breaking the slag off of hardened welds.
reliquary of labor 60
Welders and Hawk
reliquary of labor 59
Another Site Sound Source
Both inside and outside. Prominent aural features include: tape measure, drill/drywall screws, hammering of various kinds, sanding, ladder adjustments etc.
reliquary of labor 58
This is another remix of video material submitted by Lief Ellis. It is a combination of video material from celloscope and reliquary logo video. The soundtrack by Steen is a recombination of the slowed down logo audio, Scratching the Surface - podcast #29 - and, In
reliquary of labor 57
Soundwalk 06: in the basement...
The most obvious sounds heard here are the HVAC and electrical systems. There are visits to various other rooms in the basement of the new NBMAA building: fire alarm and protection systems, hallways and storage area.
You can also hear subtle changes in the sound
reliquary of labor 56
Speaking of  Blueprints
This piece was constructed from text derived from various parts of the blueprints for the new NBMAA building and renovation.
The recording of the voice was made by speaking through one of the plumbing pipes that will be used as a percussion instrument with the mic
reliquary of labor 55
reliquary of labor 54
Ohmain. This is a :15 piece comprised of manipulated sound sources.
reliquary of labor 53
Soundwalk 05
A typical day on the construction site inside the Chase Family building. Some of the sounds heard either in the foreground or in the distance are: a scissorlift, mudders on stilts, worker conversation and, the interruption...
reliquary of labor 52
Rubble (in silence...)
reliquary of labor 51
reliquary of labor 50
Plumbing, singing...
reliquary of labor 49
This is a brief duo for evc + accelerometer glove and a variety of manipulated sound sources.
reliquary of labor 48
Another brief site-source video,
in silence...
reliquary of labor 47
celloscope remix
Today’s episode is a bit of a switch. If you’ve examined the reliquary of labor website or podcast, you should know that we encourage our visitors and podcast followers to participate in this project by creating other pieces or remixes from these sound, noise, music, photo and
reliquary of labor 46
Soundwalk 04: in the Chase Family Building while it was under construction. There are sounds from close up as well as from far away that reverberate through the interior space. This is unedited. While I tended to linger in various locations for short bits of time, for the most part I kept moving
reliquary of labor 45
This is a brief site-source video...
reliquary of labor 44
Another granular synthesis experiment applied to a modified construction site sound source. Like individual snapshots revealing an overall contour rather than a detailed composite.
reliquary of labor 43
from reliquary of labor preview: 08.31.06
Jeff Krieger, evc
Quey Percussion Duo: Tim Brocious and Gene Koshinski
reliquary of labor 42
Old Gallery Soundwalk 03
Lots of creaking floorboards contrasted with creaking floorboards under wall-to-wall carpet - still the omnipresent HVAC noise -  and the crackling sound from a neon light sculpture.
reliquary of labor 41
Dust Settles no56
This is a video that Gene edited to last week’s audio episode #36. This is an example of the kind of inter-media dialog that has been a key part of our collaborative process.
reliquary of labor 40
Heard Through the Image of a Mural
Today's episode is a construction site sound source that has been filtered in an application called Metasynth through the use of a photograph of the center panel of Thomas Hart Benton's mural entitled "Arts of the City". These Benton murals are signature works
reliquary of labor 39
Flapping Tyvek processed in a variety of ways
reliquary of labor 38
EVC Drowned
more site sound sources + drowning evc
reliquary of labor 37
sledgehammer video
reliquary of labor 36
And the Dust Settles
I imagine this piece to be a kind of sonic interpretation - [uh-oh, program music] - of the dust from the partial demolition of  the Landers House settling. And, as it settles, there is an apparition of the results of the renovation process to come.
This piece is
reliquary of labor 35
Simultaneous site ambience...
The podcasts found here are another facet of the parallel media performance work reliquary of labor. They are not just modeled on radio shows, though some may be. These podcasts contain various combinations of sound, noise, music, video, photo, text and weblinks that provide an ongoing parallel media outlet in the unfolding of reliquary of labor - an aural, visual and temporal analog to the construction process of the new NBMAA facility and the community that is both building it and being built around it.
These podcasts, along with this dedicated area of the reliquary of labor website, provide glimpses into various facets of the creative processes being undertaken by Gort, Krieger and Steen. It is a way to keep the work of this collaborative team transparent, visible to the public in much the same way as a large scale building site is visible to a community throughout its construction.
The premiere performance on November 26, 2006 at 2 pm at the New Britain Museum of American Art will feature e-cellist Jeffrey Krieger, The Quey Percussion Duo, Gene Gort - live 8 channel video mixing and distribution and Ken Steen - composer of sound, noise and music , mixed and performed in 7.1 surround.
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Suggestions for use:
• Collect a variety of the audio pieces offered here, upload them to your iPod or mp3                              player, visit the New Britain Museum of American Art and listen to them while viewing the collection in the new facility.
• Collect a variety of the videos and view them in iTunes or on your iPod with video.
• Collect a variety of the photos offered here and use them in other contexts.
• Download and modify any of these visual or audio elements and send them back to us for possible inclusion on the website or within the premiere performance in November of 2006. This could include use of the audio or visual files in other projects OR  use of just these audio and/or visual files to create other pieces.
• Find another creative use for this material, questions?  let us know:
The materials found here are offered to the public under the terms of a Creative Commons license. Feel free to use these materials within those guidelines.
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Continental Harmony links communities with composers through the creation of original musical works. The program is a partnership of American Composers Forum and the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional funds provided by the Rockefeller Foundation.