Utilizing the construction of a new building (The New Britain Museum of American Art) as a metaphor for the creative processes unfolding in public and manual labor as a more specific metaphor for the collab-oration of sound, music and visual artists, reliquary of labor extends the traditional performance event to include the audience's access to key elements of the creative process as they are generated. This includes audience member or viewer access to elements that will actually be used in the performance as well as elements that are revised or discarded, to be present for the performance itself, and to engage with the materials of construction and performance following the premiere.

reliquary of labor is being designed and produced as a multi-movement modular form that will utilize various subsets of the entire multi-media ensemble - from solo thru full ensemble - with the potential for video only or video with recorded soundtrack sections. There are 9-12 projected movements that will be composed in such a way as to allow for individual movements to be performed either singly or in small groups. This will allow for optimum flexibility and increased likelihood of future presentations in other contexts.

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