To enable audience and/or viewer observation and engagement with the creation of reliquary of labor, this website has been created to allow for distribution of a wide variety of audio, visual and textual materials via download, podcast, and other means. These technologies have allowed us to create an online reliquary that will contain and distribute elements of the work as it unfolds. These elements will be accessible on this website, downloadable by visitors or subscribed to via RSS feed.

Launch of the website is where and when the formal beginning of the 'performance' commences with a long-range focus being the real-time performance that will take place on Nov. 19, 2006. As work continues on the refinement of collected and created materials, the artists will post raw video footage and sound recordings, sketches, attempts at collaborative movements, completed miniatures, rejected materials, score pages, webcam streaming during work sessions or rehearsals, written notes and ideas etc. In short, any of the material that the artists use to create this work will potentially be deposited in this online reliquary as evidence of its making; an open book - a fish bowl.

In addition to archiving these materials as a lingering resonance of the entire project, we anticipate the modular form to allow a flexible presentation life beyond the premiere. This could include short form single channel video, media installations, e-cello + sound/video performance of various movements, CD recordings, or interactive online projects.

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